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Do You Make These 38 Mistakes with Your Credit? How increasing your credit scores will improve your lifestyle
by Stephen Snyder
Your credit scores are the most vital tools you have to unlock your financial power. Having lower credit scores means that you will pay higher interest rates for your car loan, home mortgage, and credit cards. Low credit scores could cause you to be turned down for credit, be denied insurance, or in some states even be charged more for your utilities.
The Secrets to Good Credit and Debt Reduction : A Consumer Self Help Guide
by D. J. Williams
This simple,easy to read book shares mortgage banker D.J. Williams formulas for securing or restoring good credit, getting out of debt and gives all the reasons why good credit and low debt is a must in today's society. With this remarkable consumer self-help guide, you'll learn: The basics of understanding the system including how to read your credit report, scoring, and knowing your rights.
  • How to establish a good credit rating and restore a poor one.
  • Your rights when dealing with collection agencies and credit repair organizations.
  • Methods of getting out of debt and strategies for debt reduction.
  • How to survive the home loan process-stress free.
  • How to control your financial destiny in 15 easy-to-read chapters.
Good credit is a necessity rather than an option. Here you'll discover proven ways to achieve financial security and freedom. You can attain, maintain, and retain good credit. Buy an extra copy for someone you know who is just starting out, considering bankruptcy, or in bondage from too much debt.
50 Ways to Protect Your Identity and Your Credit : Everything You Need to Know About Identity Theft, Credit Cards, Credit Repair, and Credit Reports
by Steve Weisman
Don't be a victim! Save your identity, save your credit—and save a fortune.10,000,000 Americans had their identities stolen last year—don't be the next. Discover easy steps you can take now to reduce your vulnerability. Recognize "phishing" and other identity scams—online and off. Learn what you must do immediately if you've been attacked. Defend yourself against credit rip-offs, and stop paying more than you have to. It's all here: simple rules, handy checklists, even easy-to-use form letters.
Bestcredit : How to Win the Credit Game
by Dana A. Neal
No matter how bad things might appear right now, flawless credit is within your reach, and it does not require credit counselors, debt consolidators or lawyers. BestCredit empowers you to take control of your financial situation, turn things around and ultimately win the credit game.
Paying with Plastic : The Digital Revolution in Buying and Borrowing
by David S. Evans, Richard Schmalensee
For better or worse, most of us have at least one of the 720 million little plastic cards that are used each year to complete $860 billion worth of purchases at 15 million incredibly varied merchant locations throughout the world. This is a far cry from the humble beginnings of these myriad credit, debit, and charge cards, which just a few decades ago were generally a perk offered only to elite customers for the acquisition of fine meals, hotel rooms, department-store goods, and oil-company products. They are now so common and such an integral part of our economy, in fact, that few pay them much mind--a situation that makes Evans, senior vice president of National Economics Research Associates, and Schmalensee, dean of MIT's Sloan School of Management, meticulously trace the history of these cards from both the consumer and merchant perspectives in this surprisingly appealing volume, which will prove enlightening to anyone who ever wondered how plastic money works.
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